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5 Tips for Finding the Right Newborn Photographer

February 26, 2016  •  2 Comments

5 Tips for Finding the Right Newborn Photographer

Congratulations!  You are expecting and are now searching for the perfect newborn photographer to document those first weeks of your new baby's life.  But where do you start?  There are so many photographers at different skill levels and specialties.  Some do photography as a hobby, some are part-time, some are full-time photographers.  Some specialize in Newborns, others may do it on the side.  So what do you need to look for before picking the right professional for your family?


#1 - Safety

I cannot stress this enough.  Newborn safety is so important.  There are photographers at many different skill levels, and this should be communicated to you up front.  I have studied safety, taken posing workshops and courses and photographed newborns for the past 3 years full time (also important - I am a registered business, Meridith Lynn Photography, LLC).  I am a mom myself.  I have A LOT of experience handling newborns.  This is your brand new baby and you need to make sure you are putting them in the hands of an experienced photographer.  There is so much skill that goes into posing these tiny humans and your professional photographer should be able to answer any safety questions or concerns you may have.  Baby safety is #1 for me.  ALWAYS. 


#2 - Location

Does the photographer have a studio or come to your home?  As a mom myself, I remember how hard it was to get a brand new baby all packed up and myself physically out of the house (hello, post-partum recovery!) so I bring the studio to my clients' homes.  No bringing baby out unnecessarily! I bring everything we need for the session including studio lighting, props, blankets, baskets/buckets, even wood flooring!  All you need to supply is the baby.  


#3 - Style

Make sure you check out a photographer's website, Facebook and even Instagram pages.  Social media is always the most up to date so you can see what their work looks like in real time.  Do you like neutral tones?  Lots of color?  Certain props?  Make sure your photographers editing style is consistent and in line with your own aesthetic.  You can check out my most recent work on Facebook ( or Instagram (@mlphotoli).  


#4 - What is included?

Make sure you understand exactly what is included in your package.  Many photographers, including myself, have a session fee that covers the photographers time, talent, prop collection and editing.  After that you choose a collection that outlines exactly how many digital images or prints you will receive.  I offer digital images in all of my collections so you can print on your own, share, make an album, whatever you would like!  I also offer printing packages to help you start your photo wall with beautiful, vibrant, high quality professional print products.


#5 - When do you book?

Now!  Seriously :)  It is NEVER too early to book your newborn session.  Schedules can book up fast and there is nothing worse than telling a new mommy you don't have any time for them :(  Book early and it is one more to-do you can check off your list.  We all know how good that feels!  Your session will take place in the first 7-15 days of your baby's life.  Don't worry, if you are late or early your photographer has already kept room in their schedule for you!  


Have more questions?

Please feel free to contact me about anything Newborn photography related, to ask questions or book your session!


Instagram: @mlphotoli 








Diana Bubley(non-registered)
So nice images.

Safety, Location, Style, Timing these points are mandatory for baby pic's.

If you want to see Russian girls ... see
Your newborn photography is so beautiful. I can hardly believe that you do a setup in each client's home and still get these beautiful studio style portraits. What talent.
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